These beautifully gruesome sabers are now available for purchase empty. Stolen off the dead body of a Jedi they were twisted into what you see today. Adorned on the saber is the bone of the Jedi they were stolen from broken in half to finish off these twin sabers. Etched into each saber is the kills of the Jedi these pirates hunted down for more relics of the old republic era. The bones were hand sculpted out of a fast drying durable clay and tested to make sure they would hold up to Cosplay and light contact (would suggest not contacting the clay on combat scenarios). They were then painted by hand and finished up with an etch and painting to make them look like they were from the clone wars show. Install options available and will be installed through SithLord Sabers. You can purchase that option above. Install will take longer to deliver to end user message me for more information on the install.

Vestige - Galactic Pirate Sabers